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Wednesday, May 20, 2015


"Stop thinking you are fragile," a wise friend said.

Guilty.  And, yet I know, I am not fragile.

My life is full of challenges.  Some may say it's a mess.  Some do say, "you're a mess!"
I am a glass-half-full gal.  I come from a long line of pessimists who are trying to find a glass.  A glass-half-full is an accomplishment.

I have good reasons to wake up at 3 a.m. and cry.  Occasionally, I have "sack-and-ash cloth" days when I feel sorry for myself.  There are days when I'm angry and impatient.   I remain human.  In time, I get a grip and begin again.  That's the joy of being human. You can reinvent yourself when the old self just doesn't cut it.

This mess, that is my life, has become a tremendous opportunity for growth.
This mess, that is my life, has opened my eyes to what is most precious and who among my friends and family provide bright spots in our lives.
This mess, that is my life, has witnessed a generosity and kindness that often leaves me speechless and teary-eyed with gratitude.
This mess, that is my life, has drawn us closer.
This mess, that is my life, has forced me to be brutally honest with myself and to begin to take greater responsibility for how I contribute to where I am in the moment. . . any moment.
This mess, that is my life, has taught me that blame, guilt and pity stand in my way and prevent me from the important work of beginning again.
This mess, that is my life, has deepened my faith in a loving God.  In a world turned upside down by disappointment and financial challenges, God is the only constant that makes sense.

No matter how discouraged I may feel in my darkest moments, my life remains an amazing gift.  I can not waste it.

I'm not fragile because I've discovered what I'm made of.  I am strongest in my broken places.

My wise friend, ended the evening with a direct statement to me.  "You are going to get through this. We're going to get through this."   She is right.  We are not fragile.

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